Who is VirTailor?

We are a company of international fashion modeling engineers and tailoring experts. We offer a wide variety of engineering services in very attractive and complete packages for any garments or leather goods creator, to accelerate their time-to-market, and reduce costs. Have a look here.


What services do you provide?

We provide professional services for fashion creators and brands based on our unique combination of traditional textile and leather engineering, modeling and sewing with state-of-the-art 3D technologies to accelerate the process from the dream to the production and commerce.


Where is VirTailor located?

VirTailor is located in Solymár, Hungary, Europe.


Who are the VirTailor customers?

As VirTailor services are used by players of the fashion industry and we provide maximum discretion and security, we don’t talk about our clients due to our strong commitment and NDAs involved. To see the quality of our work, have a check in our Gallery or contact us.

How long does it take to bring a design to production and commerce?

Using our modeling services usually the net time spent on a design is 4-6 days. As this is an interactive process, so it may be longer if we need to wait for your answers or comments.


What exactly do I need to do when I use your services?

You dream your design, make a drawing of it and you are ready to be our customer. However, in the professional world, many of our customers have their existing portfolio or real, sewed prototypes, patterns or even photos. We digitalize any of these appearances of designs into the same workflow.


What are the exact things I receive when I order for a package?

You get many technical visual images in 3D. You will see the real fit in realistic human mannequin, see through the dress in details to see the fit from close viewpoint, pressure maps to see the textile dynamics touching the body.

Once you find the 3D visual fit the closest to your design idea, you get professional digital and printed patterns, size series and a real, sewed prototype will also be ready. We take and send pictures of the real look on real people, so modifications you may need will be immediate.

Once you have received the real sewed prototype, you will also also professional documentation for any manufacturer, so you are ready to produce your fashion line.


How to know which package will I need?

Please visit our Services page. If you need more detailed information, please contact us!


Do you provide support on areas where I have less experience?

Yes, we have professional support services for any of the process phases. If you are a freshly established brand and need more help and consultation to rapidly go through the hurdles of launching a fashion line.


What if I need more support and consultancy than my package included?

You can buy more consultation anytime through our monthly and annual support plans.


Do you have a trial package?

Yes, we offer 10% extra discount for new customers to have a taste of our services. Most customers try to challenge us with their most complex designs to see the quality and reliability of our services. We take the challenge. Click here to get a trial offer.