- 6. chapter -

Which is the real one?


Dear Linda,

The color that you chose is perfect. The show-window mannequin is a smart choice as well, because this way the mannequin will not „steal the spotlight“ from the dress.


This was not the case with the beautiful actress, who wore the real version of this dress to the Oscar Gala. There, the dress and the owner were a stunning sight together.

I wonder, if there will be someone who guesses who wore this dress?

We hope, that lots and lots of Lindas* will choose virtual technology and the knowledge and skills of the experts at VirTailor to achieve their dreams quickly and spectacularly.

* I wrote at
the beginning of this post, that Linda is an imaginary Designer. 

The dress that you have dreamt of was in the show-window within 2 weeks. Would you like to implement your other dreams so quickly and economical as well?

VirTailor Team