-     2. chapter   -  


The birth


„ Hello Linda,

 We have received your drawing and the base material, from wich you would like to create a the dress.

We would need a few important information, so we could make the dress as close to your idea as possible.

You have mentioned, that this sketch is a brand new model and that you did not build it on an old, proven sample that was in your style. Is that right? If not, then we would need the original model, that was the inspiration for the new. This way, the final model, will surely show your own trademarks ( the unique properties of your brand). If possible, then please send us the following: 

The sizes of the base model
The rules of the sizechart ( usually we start from a middlesize according to the customer’s rules)
The scanned, high-res pictures of the textiles/tools. A real-life sample works too if you can send it to us via a delivery company or mail. We can work with non-exixting textiles too, since we create virtual textiles for you for the 3D model simulation.
Please, prepare these, and we will make the first picture, based on your idea. 

Best Regards: 

VitTailor Team