Our story is about the unusual transformation of a mannequin.

I was doing research for an interesting project about the garment industry, when I stumbled upon a beautiful, old mannequin. In the tailor shop, where she was residing, everything reminded me of the good old times. Even the Tailor, who – though he was really busy with assembling a suit – after seeing my enthusiasm, started talking…

A few years ago, a stranger wandered into the shop. She started asking about the tricks of the profession, but during the whole time she was looking at the beautiful mannequin. The tailor had to go and get some fabric from the shop next door, so the stranger was left alone with the mannequin. When the Tailor came back, she started asking him, to give her the mannequin. He gave his consent, but only in one condition:
   ’When you don’t need her anymore, you are to bring her back, because she and I belong together’ – he said.
The stranger promised to take really good care of the mannequin and that she will give her everything others would only dream about. The Tailor could not imagine what else could a mannequin dream about, after all, she got to wear amazing clothes and practically art was being made on her shoulders, that made a lot of customers very happy.

The Tailor said goodbye to the mannequin with tears in his eyes and hoped that one day they would see each other again.

That day, a big adventure began…

This story is based purely on imagination. Any resemblance of the characters to real persons is not merely a coincidence! ;)