-     3. chapter   -  


Dear Linda,

Based on the inspirational photos, your hand drawing and the base information you provided, we have created the first virtual models for you. In the following pictures,
1. You can see the complete dress in 3D. We have blown up the feathers a little bit, so you can see their shapes and locations.
2. With the transparent dress-view, you can check and compare the virtual mannequin and the dress. This method is much more convenient, than with a real mannequin.
3. This is the fitmap, where you can see the pressure of the dress on the body, and how far away the fabric is from the skin.

Please, analyze these pictures and if you would like to change anything, please draw your ideas on them.
If you have any questions, we are available through online chat as well!
We wish you an exciting work!


VirTailor Team