- 5. chapter - 



Dear Linda,

We have received the colorful laces. 

Please let us know which version should we create the final photorealistic pictures from. Also, we should discuss, what kind of mannequin should we dress up with this dress?
-          Classical show-window mannequin
-          Realistic humanoid mannequin

-          Tailor bust
-          Hanger
-          Folded
-          Or maybe in a gift box set?

Always remember, that anything that you can think and dream of, we can create in the virtual space, and your dresses can go to your webshop, resellers, your special clients or your lookbook, without:
-          Any purchase, usage and storage of materials (fabrics, threads, tools)
-          Having to sew the dresses, multiple times even.
Regarding the manufacturing and supply of the materials; it will be precisely plannable, because with the virtual pictures, you will be able to assess the actual needs in advance.
All of this, in an incredibly short time compared to traditional product development.
So, which color do you choose?

VirTailor Team